Taking a legendary brand to the digital world. Harley-Davidson has been perfecting their machines for decades, engines, brakes, chassis, and all of this, just with one purpose, create a truly freedom machine. They made it, but that machine, full of power and performance was hungry of miles and adventures so to help them, we've created a new tool, the Harley-Davidson App.  

Client Harley-Davidson    Agency Mullenlowe Profero     Role Visual / UI designer     Year 2017-2018


Trought the H-D App, riders can discover new suggested routes close to them or create new ones by scratch, planning all the stops, or recording the route while they ride. Also, we incorporate some features that make the experience even better as the weather feature, challenges or a completely personalized profile with functionals tools about your bike.  

Route creation

The road is not always a straight way and riders are adventurers that want discover unknown places, forgotten roads and end the day camping or chilling is some spot that someone talked about in the last motorcycle event. To accomplish that, we´ve created Routes Creation, where riders can build by scratch their next adventure by adding their points of interest for the route.  And after that, when is time to hit the road, they can ride that route using the Turn By Turn navigation that we´ve created to a have a full experience.


If something matters for a rider, that is the weather and how is going to change during the day and more exactly, on the route that has planned to ride. To help with that, we´ve created a specific tool where riders can see the weather in real time at any point of their route. 

Challenges - Special Coins

Harley-Davidson has also had over the years a huge impact on the market in terms of Style and Design, and part of that comes from the motorcycle´s tanks, the tanks are unique for each decade, year, model, and in some way, their designs more than colors are letters, are part of a history, of cultural movements as music, films and is reason why people love it and collect them. 

Taking the tanks from different decades as inspiration, we´re creating awards for the challenges,  a piece of representation in 3D that people love and is collecting in their phones as a representation of their rides.