Ramses is one of the most popular restaurants in Madrid, renowned artists decorate it’s different spaces and socialites are regulars, making this restaurant a must see for tourists. The  challenge was to represent all of this on their new website without downplaying its main focus, the avant-garde cuisine.

Client RAMSES life & food     Agency Social Noise     Role UI designer     Year 2014


The homepage included a video recorded with a drone from La Puerta de Alcala, a classic monument from the eighteenth century located a few meters away from the restaurant. Next to this video we can also find the two latest blog posts and easy access to the reservation button. To see the other sections such as “stories” or “menu” a hamburger menu was used, which was subsequently replaced by a classic navigation of links presented by the name of each section.



In the mobile version the restaurants daily activity and stories are prioritized on the homepage, the rest of the sections can be found under a hamburger menu. In addition the style and desktop layout has been maintained as well.