Seiyu takes the lector through the always evolving cultural and artistic community which is Madrid, Spain. Using an innovative and cutting edge vision, that ties in to perfection a global approach as well. The magazine currently has an online presence, for this reason it is of vital importance that the values and principals are transmitted through design.
The Brief "Transmitting the essence of a printed magazine "

Client Seiyu magazine     Agency Freelance     Role UX & UI designer     Year 2016


The home page, given the editorial feel of the magazine was essential. After evaluating different approaches, the classic fullscreen based on the last article including headline and author name was chosen. Lastly the option of adding animated covers in loop type format was incorporated.





The modules that make up the second phase of the layout should still be relevant, due to the frequency of publication these items could have been posted no more than a couple of days ago. The aim is also to be flexible when playing with different sizes and spaces to prioritize certain articles.





Social outreach is mixed with side items, due to the fact that for example, spotify lists are equally
relevant for content consumption.


Past articles that have been relevant in a given moment are not forgotten instead once they have passed the side items they can be easily accessed through a simple vertical scroll that unfolds older post chronologically.



The mobile version follows the essence of the desktop, broad headlines emphasize the editorial look and a clean finish is used to avoid distractions while reading. The content is prioritized and so is
the experience of the reader.



Due to the abundance of information an active user might need to do a selective search. For this reason a search engine has been incorporated that can be accessed from any point of navigation, using a lightbox written words subsequently display on a separate screen and tie into related articles.


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