As a result of the launch of the new Prius, Toyota asked us to create an online catalog that could eventually even replace the physical car in dealerships. For this reason the experience had to offer the buyer a closer look at the features and characteristics of vehicle than ever before.

Client Toyota Spain     Agency Social Noise     Role Art director     Team Carlos Vazquez     Year 2016


The first thing we did was a rendering of the vehicle that facilitated a 3D view from any angle and through which the user could discover the different features offered. In order to explain the different versions of the Prius in a clear and simple manner, hotspots were created from which you could access technical information of any part of the vehicle.



In the mobile version we had to skip the experience but we did include all of the information of the hotspots and the different characteristics offered. By using a vertical navigation scroll and a hamburger menu the user had access to all of the information of the website.